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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
sorry, the link didn't stand out well on my screen... found it now... yeh, they're ok aren't they

i think the cat lens thing is like a lot of photo tricks, when used to great effect it's great, but too many times and it doesn't wash...

i'm still trying to find out what gives the huge diffraction you see on some video work, it's almost like a prism is rotated in front of the lens... you get a shallow depth of field with some massive fringing... think cokin do something like that, but not sure if that's the trick...
Have a look at that. Plastic lenses will give you massive diffraction, you could try using a cheap disposable? They can give interesting effects due to the frankly crap lenses and you can get some really nice photos with them.
The Canon 50mm 1.8 will give you a hell of alot of chromatic aberration if you get a bad one and open it right up, but most of them are pretty good for the price to be honest.
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