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Default Mounts.........all kinds of bother!!!!!!

As some of you may know, I've recently gone all Boinger, selling my Steyr & taking up with a hussey of a TX200 Good deal with MSB BTW!
I initially used my high two-piece mounts on riser-blocks to give me the height I needed as the one-piece included in the deal with MSB proved to be alittle low for me & I couldn't sight down the scope! But, they are now sitting on top of a S400 as my girlfriend wanted to try abit of shooting, truthfully, I wanted to swap them for a high one-piece mount anyway fitting them on top of four riser blocks for height, but the first one I ordered turned out to be 25mm, I know newbee error I'm still kicking myself a week later! I quickly re-ordered a high one-piece 30mm mount by the wonders of the tinternet but had some difficulty lineing it up on top of the riser blocks. It became apparant that the mount was.............TOO SHORT FOR THE NIKKO!!!!!
I hadn't seen any mount lengths disscussed or mentioned & in my naiveté had assumed a standard length, after all the low one & the one that was too small both were the same length but there you go!
I've returned the mount to the supplier hopeing he can re-supply me with one that will take my Big60 MkII but just incase he can't, can anyone in this community tell me of a good quality, Springer-friendly, 30mm, long, high, one-piece mount that will suit a Nikko Stirling Diamond Sportsman 10-50x60 MkII scope?
I'm off to Spain in early July for the Euskadi Open & I'm getting abit panicky now!!!!!
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