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Originally Posted by holly View Post
James woodhead bought one and he IS the current world champ ??? HOLLY
PS go with the flow brothers
pss . the 2002 is the only rifle i know that is very simple to maintain . at least for seals . it is modular . it all runs off the center block . the barrel and air cylinder ( detachable ) come out the front and the action has just two bolts to keep it to the back . what the rifle gives you is a avearage wind with exacts . very reliable once sorted by welham and compared with the others , CHEAP . try one ??? HOLLY

Did you buy a Ripley when Ian was world champ as well?

I have no idea who you are but i really dislike it when people make a statement of FACT that everyone else can see is cobblers.

xxxxx is the best rifle, fact......coz i have one....tsssk
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