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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Yeh, the last one wasn't set up for a quick snap...

send us a link to the tiggy shots, be interesting to see what you mean.

i think it's too long with the 1.4x on up close, and HFT'ers are harder to shoot than FT'ers because they're either in and out really quick or faffing around and moving a lot, with a shallow depth of field and manual focus on a fixed focal it makes up for fast work. Think i got the answer, which is to stick without the 1.4x on tight packed courses.
I can't link directly to the photos, but in that previous link, have a look at the sports and graphic portfolios. The one of Tiger is in the sports (5th pic), and the silhouetted golfer in the graphic one (2nd pic). You just have to get the background right with mirror lenses, otherwise the bokeh can be too distracting and frankly, a bit minging. The only other real problem with them is that they are a fixed aperture due to the design. (Which also gives the ring shaped blur) But it does allow for long focal lengths is silly short lenses. (Think 500mm+ in something not alot longer than my 75-300 all the way out. )
I think that would be a solution yeah, and cart around that second body with a different lens for a bit of variety.
Have you looked at the Cokin/Lee filters? If you where to keep a spare body with say, an 85mm/135mm prime and a centre spot or diffuser filter on it you could get some really nice arty portraits while you're at it.
Also, that photo of Nige and the down target is interesting. 2 points in focus, my mind is blown.
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