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Nice photos. I think the best use of the TS was on the photo of Matt to be honest, not a fan of the last one, it just looks...odd. Or maybe that's just Dean. The one of Ben is nice though, lovely colouring on the stock.
I'm not too sure about the bokeh on the one of Craig, it's too distracting in my opinion.
Ooo, just thought, have you got a mirror lens? You could use the bokeh on that for an artistic effect if you get the background right. Bob Martin uses mirror lenses to good effect in some of his photos, in the sports portfolio, of Tiger Woods, that's quite pretty.
The second one, of the golfer, in the graphic portfolio is my favourite I think, I love the way you get the classic mirror lens blur off the highlights on the water, and I think the grain just sets the image off.
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