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Trouble is Mike we are dammed if do and dammed if we donít, if we didnít have a recoiling class then we are wrong, if we didnít have trophies we would be wrong, we supply quality trophies and that seems to be wrong to.

People canít have it all ways, as you know we were thinking of knocking the springers on the head, but its picking up a bit again.

It may seem we are jumping on you but the problem is when we do explain the reasons for not having the Worlds qualifying for the gathering and about the trophies etc you canít seem to accept the answer.

As we said in previous replies the Worlds and the UKAHFT Championships are two totally separate comps and the trophies are all bought before the season starts, yes I suppose it would be nice to have the venue on there and not just what round it was, but what would happen if like the other yeah when we had to bring in redfearns instead of Ottmoors, that then would be wrong when you win a trophy at Redfearn that says Ottmoor, whereas its not an issue with having just the Round engraved.

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