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I am finding the jsb express 7.9 are working well. Thanks ChrisC. I am finding it takes alot of pellets for the gun to settle down. when i first started with them the chrono was reading between 760 to 791 fps.

I am now getting 805 to 813 fps, this is from 180 bar down to around 111 bar, lower than this I find the odd shot fps drops to 789 fps.

I have a few hypothesis of why this happens, but maybe someone with far more experience can enlighten me.

1. is 8 fps between shots good for this rifle ?

2. why does it take so long for the fps to increase when using a lighter pellet ?

3. I did find if I then put a Daystate 4.53 8.4 grn pellet throught, fps was 791 to 801.

In all the testing I have tried, after its settled with the pellet the platinum seems to try to get around 11.5 foot pounds. It must be the electronic setting for this gun.

I have a lot to learn about this gun, and it is a time consuming frustrating journey.

Again thanks for all your advice.
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