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Just got in again and trying to wind down.

The update so far is that she has had full surgery this afternoon on both hands ( no jokes about me being the royal arse wipe as I've already had them ) which semed to take forever well it does when your sat waiting for 5 1/2 hours.
From what I understand all went well but I need to confirm all of this and find out exactly what has been done when I speak to the doctors in the morning.
She seems to be in good spirits but that could just be the copious amounts of morphine she is currently on.

Sorry I don't have more detailas I know a lot of people are concerned for her but I have been showing her these posts when I'm at the hospital and they have put a smile on her face, it has been appreciated.

Unfortunately I think shooting is out of the question for a while but whilst in and out of concienceness after the op she is insisting she still wants to go to Tawd just to see everyone. So if she is up to it and I expect I will get no say in it we will be there in some capacity

I will give the next instalment tomorrow.


P.S Nigel you have PM
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