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Just wanted to say a thank you for all of the kind messages you all sent.
I know she will be over whelmed when she reads these but I might have to type for her for a bit.

Not long got back from lovely Chelsea hospital where we had to take her and leave her as for some reason they wont let me stay on a womens ward, maybe Gary can lend me a dress.
As Sparky has already said she is due to have both hands operated on tomorrow and we will see how it all goes from there. So far we know for definate the has lost the top of her right hand index finger and that will have to have the bone shorted as it's all thats sticking out at the mo for it to be repaired. But luckily enough it's not her trigger finger.
She has numerous bite wounds up both arms and some marks on her face but these don't look too bad.

As soon as I get some more info and I'm next by a PC I will keep you all updated as I will back at the hospital with her first thing tomorrow.

Thanks again for your support and wishes.

Rik and a very poorly Janine
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