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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
What an absolutely cracking weekend 2 superb days of shooting in the company of some of the nicest people in HFT Was an absolute pleasure to be back at MAD again and can't wait to be back again, many thanks to all those involved for making it possible I've just about recovered now, although it may take a while for my body to get over the loss of 2 pints of blood that those bloody mutant Essex mozzies sucked out of me
Once again many thanks and see you all again soon
Careful with those mossies'll be fading away

A massive thanks to Ian and the chaps that did all the cooking as that must have been really hard work. Massive thanks to all the MAD crew for some fantastic courses (as usual) and for the hospitality.

Massive well done to Mark C for the win....did you know that when i was shooting against him in the 4th round i stopped him shooting the wrong target.....twice!!!!.....sigh, sometimes i wish i was more of a that Laity geezer
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