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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Other one I see is that silver 20-50, just seen inthe pics that it doesn't have a target turret on the windage, I thought all the 20-50's had target turrets to elevation and windage? Can the target turrets be retro-fitted?
Factory standard 8.5-25x50's - the base scope for the conversion do have target turrets on both elevation and windage as standard. However you could specify Premier reticles to do a combination of target and low profile turret.

Personally for FT that would be a preferred choice for me. Unlike fullbore shooters I don't try and dial for wind so the low prfoile click turret is perfectly OK. As it happens I have had most of my target Leupolds converted to low profile windage turrets.

Oh, and yes you could get a turret retro-fitted if you absolutely had to have it
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