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Originally Posted by Dai View Post
What a biatch of a course but that said an enjoyable one, again well done to the course setters.. My thanks to Chris Coombs and Chris Sutcliffe for pointing me in the right direction as far as my shooting goes, it’s my wind age and not the range which is where my problem is...And also for pointing out that my gun may be shooting at low power...Thanks to Gary who put my gun through the chrono and discovering my gun was shooting at 735, a trip to Neath gun shop tomorrow and get Dai to uptake it to 777...So all in all not a bad day..
Well Dai at least now you know whats going on and i thought when i shot your gun that it sounded under powered so get it sorted mate and get on with a bit of practice in the WIND thank for the company today mate and see you soon hopefully with yours and my PLATINUM
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