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Originally Posted by holly View Post
next on my list comes a 32 mag MK 4 . you know all about them . then last but not least is a supprise . the 8 to 32 by 40 bushnell 4200 . it really is a supprise to use . little bit dark on a 32 mag .and the parralax is on the front . but the ranges on the scope read true . this is the first scope i have found that does that . give em a try ??? HOLLY
I love mine, I have two; a duplex and a mildot. The duplex ret reads bang on the ranges. I've only added a few stickers for the ranges not covered in the standard markings. I use it on my 97K.

As I understand the other has had the mildot ret fitted aftermarket. This one reads a little under the markings i.e. if it says 55 yds it is about 52. I've only had this a few weeks and not had the chance to check and mark out all the ranges. It's quite possible that fitting the ret has altered the range marking a tad.

I don't find front PA a problem really. It's only a pain if you want to range from the standing or kneeling position. But from sitting position, it's fine. If you fit a coaster so that it bottoms out on the barrel at about the 60 yds setting you can do the fine adjustments just with your thumb (right hander of course). That way you get the full range down to 10 yds before it hits the barrel on the other side.
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