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I used to do the old school way of aiming off when first starting FT in the 90's. Rifle running at 800fps with 7.9 Premiers zeroed for 45yds. This gave me a trajectory of 1" high at 27yds and 1 1/2" at 55yds from the zero.

This meant all I have to do was aim either top, middle or bottom depending on the range. This also made it easier when doing speed shoots as it worked well with any mag. At the time I had 18x max.

I do dial now but if things atart to go wrong I fall back on the 45 yd zero technique, works well on showdown at regional level as I can give a bit mpore time for that longer target. Reason I dial is that it means I am only worrying about left and right rather than left/right or up/down.

Hmm, old school CSFTA HFT shoots in the late 90's were a right laugh. Newbury at winter with targets well over the UKAHFT 45yd max, probably nearer 60/70yds . You try finding the 40mm circle with a 4x scope
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