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oks old poll i know
But i always used Mil dots at 50 mag for FT and Mil dots at 10x mag for HFT (27yrd Para)

only dialed when i had a leup with a 30 30 ret for a short time

heres how my dots add up to my ranges based on my Scope hight / Pellet to give the best fit of trajectory on the Dots if you take the dot spacings you have 5 (using the thick post transition as the 5th dot equiv)

so wth the 5x factor zoom at 10 mag the aim points are scaled down to 1/5th ie 1 dot spacing
you can also scale to 20mag at 2 dot spaceing 30 to 3 40 to 4 etc but i only use 10 or 50 mag for shooting

at 50 mag its easy to guestimate the half way point between dots

----------------on 50 x ---------------------------on 10 x

you an also see easily what your error might be if your ranging is off
here a 40mm Kill at 30m

50 mag is murkey cause of the photography not the scope but you can see exactly how much range error you can cope with (wind allowing)

and for HFT (well old school CSFTA rules ) you can easly match the trajectory to objects are differnt ranges that obscure the target ie shoot over the 12 yrd branch that blocks the target and under the 22yrd one


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