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Hmm... well, i think probably not too much since that by the sounds of it... the deben will still cut the mustard, as will the anny...

A few scopes have come and gone, leupolds seem less prevailent in terms of 20-50's than i remember from my first regionals about 5 years ago... leup competitions and nikkos seem to be taking up the vacuum. Yep, there's been a long wait for the s&b, and another kid on the block the March has arrived... both seem to be showing similar traits

Reckon a lot of the gremlins are known about and sortable on the guns, so it's more a case of what suits you rather than what's best. The days of varying walthers seem to be over, and they're quite sought after, especially now they've halted production of the LG300 Dominator.

GP's are usually almost or are full to capacity, as is the Euro's the Classic etc.

CSFTA FT has taken a bit of a knock, nothing really in common, just a few names that aren't around for a variety of reasons... but it seems a few could be creeping out of the woodwork.

It's all good and healthy, and the standard of shooting is pretty high, and it seems people are quickly picking up the curve...

All good.

Probably a bit less of a shock than my break, which left it when people were wondering if high mag redfield scopes were shootable, GC2's were just about, and 77's were all the rage...
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