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Never worked it out, but it is a source of frustration I know that forces people to look abroad, and grey import themselves.

It's been a couple of years since I bought something germanic, but that was about 80 trade direct from the dealer, and 120 from a shop here. I'm sure it was coincidence that the item was the same in euros as it was in pounds... the pound has dropped a lot.

This seems to be the same... or worse... still.

I'm really unsure if it's anything to do with there being more people in the chain, different prices to the uk, or just that shooting in germany is a bigger sport... and then you have the currency conversion and vat rates.

With software, one US seller sells their software at a 1=$1 despite their online download service offering byte for byte identical versions, that are even downloaded from the same US server... yet another has a price that is more akin to a straight currency exchange... with the former, we just pick it off the shelves when we're over there... with the latter, we buy in the uk.

With the net providing opportunities to get better deals, you have to wonder why some haven't starting awkward questions further up the chain.
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