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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Well from my point of view, Ive had mine some time now, shot the winter with it, shooting this summer with it and I have to say that my EV2 straight out of the box has been superb too shoot.

Its been that good that my Dommie has been left in the cupboard sulking.

Mine hasnt had any work done to it, it is literally out of the box and into a stock Ive had made for it.

These rifles are made in massive numbers as well from Air Arms. They are the flagship rifle for the company.

I dont know how many are produced personally though.

With regards to having guns "modded" etc, most of the top rifles have to be fettled with these days, from EV2's to the Dommies, there are not many Dommies out there that havent had to be checked when they have been purchased.

The difference is, the EV2 has the anti tamper kit fitted to it, where rifles from other countries havent got that. This is why they are easier to set up and play with.

Must say, I totally agree with Berty.

My wally is also on a long vacation since I got the EV2MK4. It is simply amasing and I have had no problems with it other than between my ears.
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