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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Unfortunately Mike adding the locations does cost quite a bit more as we have to pay more for each letter inserted & we have to draw the line somewhere, currently the trophies specify the round number.

You are the only person I've ever heard complain about them although I'm still not sure whether you are just talking about the past or the present also

I'll tell you what Mike.....If any springer shooters who currently compete in the UKAHFT series aren't happy with the Handmade Pewter Tankards that are up for grabs in their class then please let us know & next year we will look into supplying a cheaper trophy with the hosting clubs name on it. Thinking about it we could save money by providing some of those cheap plastic trophies or 50p medals that some clubs hand out for a National event
Supprised you are stringing this post out so far,but nice to see you are considering costings and budget (not a small spot of sarcasm there),howeverI thought I had defined 'when' I was talking about,and not given an excuse for an extension of what was at most a 2 or 3 answer to a post and given a chance to continue the attitude for which this forum was set up to avoid,looks like a lot of baggage was brought here and not all the problems were on the bbs.
This started as a serious query, and being involved with shooting through the bad FT days have never been accused or any intimation of 'cheating,or a pot hunter'thrown at me as have been in the last 6 months re- this and the pistols set up.That from people who I thought had known me and don't as this would not been an option, but from feed back seems the norm,thank god many more of importance do and of many years standing and good shooting company.Tends to compensate from those who don't and feel that unsubstantiated accusations is the way to answer a posting by devaluing it.
I don't see much more mileage here but am aware a lot of people have read this post and chatted to me about it,and are concerned about the attitude to a question.May be more time on the bbs its quieter now, better the devil you know.
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