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Default update 31st May 1 place left

Ralphg Presland
Mick the Man
Ray Hampton PAID
Kyle Hampton PAID
Rik Travers PAID
Janine Travers PAID
Mike Elliott
Steph Kirkwood
Vince Blackman PAID
Pete Dutton PAID
Alan Sultano PAID
Wayne Marriott PAID
Steve Gillies
Guy Gilles
Mick Mctighe PAID
Gary Chillingworth PAID
Chris Coombes PAID
Chris Sutcliffe PAID
Geoff Ryder PAID
Lloyd Grove PAID
Evan Grove PAID
Dave Lillywhite
Peter Higgins PAID
David Allam PAID
Greg Hensman
Greg Hensman Jnr
Ian Harford PAID
John Major PAID
Martyn Goodsall PAID
Dave "smokey" Bowles PAID
Steve Davey PAID
Simon Vant PAID
George Vant
Mark Cam[Mr Posh] PAID
Lloyd Davies
Darren Quincey PAID
Shaun Eustace PAID
Mike Isaak
Dave Hatfield____PAID______________
Jean Greatrex PAID
Bruce Marshall PAID
Andrea Marshall PAID
Steve Light
griggzy PAID
Richard Woods PAID
Jenny Stone PAID
Roger Lait
Darren Lindsey PAID
Colin Sykes
Larrisa Sykes
Glen Pickard
Mr Weevie PAID
Daniel Smith PAID
Nigel Smith PAID
Chris Cundey
Mick Goodenough PAID
Allan Moss PAID
P Edwards
Tim Bohr
Aaron Marriott
Antony Male

Free camping from Friday onwards and if you want to shoot Sunday as well in our OPEN competion stay the night SATURDAY and we will have a fun shoot on Saturday night if you want it
If you want to shoot PM me
We still have 1 place left on the 31st MAY
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