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Started FT at eh Sotton Buccs back in mid 90's and we did the occasional HFT mainly at Meon valley ( wonder if the rabbit target with the 1/4" wide by 20mm high kill zone is still there usually found at the bottom of a black box that had chicken wire over the front side target Kill zone and inside of box where all painted black)
Did the CSFTA circuit regularly and the GP circuit once.
in 2000 went to the first airgun BBS meeting at Lea Valley and to give some of the others soemthing to do as most didnt like the FT course I set up a Quick HFT course as CSFTA rules then with left hand and right hand only targets as well and long long range and Lots of obscured and difficult positional ones etc including a prone on pointy shale (was hot so lots of shorts and bear Knees )
a young (well younger then ) welshman seemed to enjoy it. and Lea Valley moved over to HFT
SuperMick was still alive then to one of the Good Guys

It was a short while later i stopped shooting due to other things (and hte second Foot and mouth outbreak ) and havent been back to try the New UKHFT system to see how it has evolved.


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