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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
Hi all

I dont use one of these and have tried in the past...but now i realise i need to get one. I dont know anything about them ..can anybody tell me the benefits please and also which one is the best...and what sort's can you get??? O...and where can i get one??

Thanks all

The benefits that I find are improved grip (especially in hot weather), the ability to hold the gun without it causing pressure on your hand so much (probably more noticable with heavy FT rigs on standers and such like), and it can help to just steady the gun through those little vibrations now and then. A little bit of strength to them helps relax the hand.

I think try before you buy, as i've had several over the years, and I still use the one I first bought for FT, despite having 3-4 others come my way. In 10m, i've finally settled on on, but i'm still in two minds as to whether to use one for that or not.

If you can get one that fits firmly and comfortably, then i'd go for that fit over price. My one cost me 45 probably 4 years ago... it's only worn in a few places and has a good amount of strength in it still (probably due to the design and cut, rather than the stiffness of material itself).

There's a few designs, you can get ones with locking fingers, a wide cuff strap or narrow, stiff or soft back, so if you can get somewhere that has a few, or can try a few, do so
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