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In FT with pairs, I don't find swapping tricky, whoever leaves the last lane last is the first on the next... with trips though i find i can never remember, the cards end up in the wrong order etc... it should be easy, but i don't have the spare brain capacity to remember.

I used to think that going second helped, because, irrespective of the conversation after the shot, you had more time to look at the target... but now I take that time anyway, and i've learnt to shoot around my own instinct, rather than rely on someone elses thoughts. Quite often i've come off a course giving something completely different to someone else who's scored the same. Actually listening to someone else, and working around what happened to them has normally ended up in a miss... plus for me part of the enjoyment is working out what to do, so I try and limit my post shot banter until i've left the lane and gone onto the last one. That way it doesn't spoil it for someone else coming along who may catch the conversation either.
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