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Originally Posted by sultano View Post
the problem with shooting in the same order is that the person shooting first is at a disadvantage all through the course and the remaining shooters can adjust their shot based on the first shooters mistakes.
You won't always be shooting first though & over the whole season it evens itself out.

How will your partners be able to adjust their shots if you don't tell them where you aimed or where you missed

I've never found going first a disadvantage, at one time I used to go first all the time as a lot of people hate going first, when you shoot with someone who also goes first how do you decide who goes first when both want to. By far the easiest way is to shuffle the cards & stick to that order & then you get used to shooting in 1st,2nd,3rd.

At the moment it's the choice of the group what they do but if after all the changes we make we still get holdups due to this swapping then we may make it compulsory
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