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A good & fair way to decide this order is to shuffle the cards & ask a shooting partner to say stop, you then stay in this order throughout the round. In a group with Juniors only the adults cards are shuffled.[/QUOTE]

i think this is a great idea
i for one like to shoot 1st as it can put the pressure on the following shooters should you knock the target over, but on the same hand i like to shoot last as it makes a little more pressure for myself,brings the best out of me.. nothing worse than standing round debating who,s next up...

also i heard a few people after the shoot (bisley) that they see people hit wood miss targets and still claim 1point for this , and people say nothing but i think they should stand up and say because it is a great sport ,that DOES NOT need cheating , there is always some one that knows that a target was missed ..

martyn g

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