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Default New Event Timings for UKAHFT 2010

Following on from the holdups we faced at Bisley the following will be in operation from the Tawd Vale round :

Revised event timings

1st Session

• First session booking in is 08:00 to 09:00

• The safety briefing will begin at 09:15am promptly

• Any shooters failing to attend the safety briefing will not be allowed to shoot.

• The session will start as soon as everyone has been confirmed to be at their pegs.

2nd Session

• Second session booking in is 08:00 to 12:00

• The 1st session finish will be signalled by three blasts on the Claxton/horn/whistle.

• The 2nd session safety briefing will take place 15mins after the end of the first session.

• Any shooters failing to attend the safety briefing will not be allowed to shoot.

• As soon as the safety briefing is finished shooters should make their way to their pegs, once everyone is at their pegs & target painting if finished the 2nd session will begin.

Target timing

• Shooters are allowed 2mins per lane, this timing starts when you approach the peg.

• Under normal circumstances a shooter is not timed but if any group is causing a hold up or the session is taking too long due to slow shooters then UKAHFT reserve the right to time individuals or groups of shooters.

• Shooters may be timed by a marshal without their knowledge to ascertain if they are in fact taking too long to shoot but they will not be deducted any points at this time.

• Once the decision is made to time any shooter or group of shooters they will be informed by the marshal that they will be timed, they will be told when the clock is started & they then have two minutes to shoot the target.

• If a stoppage is called during the timing the clock will be stopped & 10 seconds grace given upon re-start of shooting before the clock is re-started.

• If the target is not shot within the time limit then a “Zero” will be awarded for that target.

• If a timed shooter fails to shoot within the 2mins limit on more than two occasions at the same round they may be disqualified & asked the leave the course.

Timing between lanes

• It has become clear that a contributing factor to holdups is the amount of time it takes groups to vacate a peg having shot, As soon as your group has finished shooting :

1. Let the group behind you know you have finished shooting that peg, this will save them all chatting away without realising the peg is free.

2. Then vacate the peg immediately without discussions of the last shot.

• Although not compulsory, please try to keep in the same shooting order as we still see groups spending time at each lane trying to decide the order for the next shot.

• A good & fair way to decide this order is to shuffle the cards & ask a shooting partner to say stop, you then stay in this order throughout the round. In a group with Juniors only the adults cards are shuffled.

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