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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Before I typed that I checked it quickly Dave there's next to bugger all in it and the angles involved would make for an ovious difference in noise. If the hole can been seen, then it's obvious the targets down, Zero for being a muppet. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who scoped up a target that was down on Sunday.
No mate, i came across 2 like that as well. I thought that the course was technically very good with some very well positioned targets. My only niggles, and they are small are that the targets painted black (and in shady areas) were not fair to someone with a cheaper scope and there were a few too many twigs and stuff in the way.

But we live and learn and the UKAHFT guidelines evolve and adapt to make the sport better and better. It's nice to know that the crew running the UKAHFT are more than willing to listen to ideas....even when some of it could be described as whining
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