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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Treated today as good gp practise and got just deserts!

Morning round was not too bad (dropped-12) but the afternoon heat and the wind picking up as I flagged (up at 4 am!) the wheels fell of a bit. Dropped another 17!
Still, cant say the scope gave me a wrong range all day despite the heat, went high on a 47 yarder I believed to be 50 but no the rest of the misses were just down to me and sywell wind, what a place!
Gun was spot on all day too.

Hope Any Gills has cooled the Styer down by now, most people expect there guns to climb in high temps but his dropped some 40-50 fps between mnorning session and Pm!

Well done to my shooting partner for the Day, B class winner Dave Robinson. Pity new Sunglasses were not in the prize list!

Will definatley try this again next year, but if its as hot as today may well do half a day shooting and then go photo-ing!

Great course, well run, thanks from Tondu trio
Heyup thanks for me mention si new to this piklin in wind forum thought id join to see pics from weekend. Your right aswell nice to have some sunglasses up for grabs as prizes for us idiots that stand on em...
Thanks to sywell club for a great event enjoyed the day and the company will have another crack at it next year. And ill see you sundi si.
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