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Just looking quickly on a couple of airlines;

Easyjet departing from Gatwick at 0730 on Friday 7th Jan it's coming out at 46.99, Departing at 12.20 on Monday 10th Jan is 21.99. We'd get to Malta at 11.40 on Friday and be home for 14.35 on Monday.

Air Malta departing Manchester at 19.30 on Thursday 6th Jan is 78 and returning Monday 10th Jan at 15.30 is 29. Arrive 23.30 and return 18.10. There's also a red eye from Manchester on Friday which departs at 22.00 and arrives in Malta at 02.20 for 40.

Air Malta from Birmingham - Depart 17.50 on Thursday 6th 36 - Return Moday 10th 14.30 30. Arrive at 21.55 and return 17.00.

I'm on my way home from work now so if anyone knows how much Easyjet or Air Malta charge for airguns please share with the group.
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