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Originally Posted by Baltipal View Post
I've just took the plunge & bought a heavy duty storage case with a view to Air Travel with my Pro Target.
When it arrived, it certainly looked substantial enough but I found that I'd made a potentially expensive mistake while measuring up & she barely fit length ways. My Clubmate, Jonta rode to the rescue however, with a shorter barrel shroud(Cheers mate!) so a disaster was averted.
Here are a couple of piccies to illustrate, check out the original shroud in the case for comparison;


Of course, this mean't a trip over to Far Coley Farm for their regular shoot to do the swap over & check the zero, in this I was helped out by Jonta again!(Double cheers mucker!)
A really lovely day, we can only hope for weather like this for the Winter Leagues! Here are a couple of piccies for no other reason than it was a great days shooting that left a smile on my face.(Stopping at the Lamb & Flag for an IPA didn't hurt either!

Far Coley
No problems M8.. Looking forward to the weekend
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