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I'm not really sure why we're putting up with these clowns. With all the inter club niggling that's been going on i think we need some sort of disciplinary proceedure adopted for all these situations. I know that when Marshalling or being an organiser dictates a certain amount of diplomacy is needed but there comes a time when the 'big stick' is required. The calling of targets needs to be looked into and a little common sense from the shooter applied, for example, i'm 99.9% certain that i hit dead centre of the kill on target 23 on sunday but it didn't go down. There's no point calling the target as 100 shooters must have shot it before me and IF it was a split you wouldn't be able to see it anyway. I think what i should have done was ask the marshall to call the chap on the chrono to see if anyone had called the target previously as the called targets are recorded there. Sometimes we have to accept that the target just didn't fall over. Of course this can only be done by the shooter seeing the pellet strike.

The problem with some at the UKAHFT rounds is that they think that they are a better shot than what they actually are
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