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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
Nobody is complaining excessivly Weevie and no it was nothing to do with the **** either mate,I do four or five hours at a stretch at work every day without one and I'm really glad that it was warm.

I don't even mind if a shoot finishes late, if I did I wouldn't drive 3 1/2 hours to shoot 30 pellets.
The only comment I had was that in session 2 there were quite a few shooters holding everyone else up for a long time and things didn't flow as they usually do for a while ...not moaning not complaining, I enjoyed the day, the round was a good one but for some reason slow.
I voted not bothered because I trust in Pete and whatever he decides is best...he's been doing it long enough to know.
I think it was more more a case of bad luck having a few groups of shooters in front of us that shall we say liked taking full advantage of the maximum time allowed for each shot then had to debate on the fact that they'd missed the target wasn't fair because.............there were shooters asking for the strings to be pulled on nearly every target so that they could see them,not on hidden or difficult targets either, ones that were in plain view and could have been shot quicky and hit...the problem was some of the shooters in session 2. You could have had half the number shooting but if the same groups were there then there would have still been a delay.
It was just one of those days and hopefully a one off.

Dave my post wasn't aimed at you and the joke about the **** was just that really a joke (although I heartily reccomend all smokers try a quality e-cigarette, makes life in no-smoking areas much more pleasant! ).

BAGS was bad though. There were over 60 stoppages in the day! It took the second session shooters 'till 16:30 to get half way round the course!
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