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let's remember here before we start getting the Marshalls to do extra stuff, they do it for free.

Shooters must take a bit of self responsibility not to hold up the flow. If you have someone taking
a real long time in front of you, mention it to them. What are they going to do, bite you!!

Also, the Marshall's decision is final, if the plate didn't fall and it's checked and works ok,
you can sort of assume, you have missed the kill and hit the plate. Target checkers are set at
1ftlb as far as I remember so if it can knock it down, so should your rifle.

This is a great shooting sport, with numbers up to 220 for Bisley as yourself this. If we lowered
the numbers to 180, would you like to be shooter 181?

Chill out and enjoy the shoot, remember you could be doing stuff indoors instead.

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