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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
It does a bit mate thank you. A lot of people seem to move into the peg as if it's a new house, with mats going down then walking back to where their pellet tin is, placing it on the mat, then getting the gun, walking back to the mat, pulling the string, then getting down to scope it. It seems to take almost a minute before they've laid down!

My interpretation of approaching the peg was a little different than yours so I'll follow what you've said.

We had a chap last year who would approach the peg, take 2 minutes range finding the target, then go back get his gun, have another look. wait for the wind to drop and then put the scope to his eye and start the 2 minutes from there.

So it was decided that when it is your turn to shoot, when you move to the peg and start looking for the target your 2 minutes starts.

Marshals show a large amount of discretion, but I think there are shooters out there starting to take the mick again and a clamp down may be on its way.
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