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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
Another thing I noteiced was that certain groups had a tendency to hang around the peg after completing their shoot. Sometimes they were just chatting amongst themselves. With their ground mat left at the peg, the next group can't start.

I made this comment in another thread; maybe the marshalls can speed things up by allowing groups to skip pegs. A number of pegs ahead were free, yet we all had to wait in line for the current peg. This IMO is the biggest improvement that can be made with very minor changes to the current rules/marhalling practices.
Unfortunately Marshals can't be everywhere at the same time & shooters can help things along themselves. If the group in front of you are hanging around the peg after finishing then on the next peg try asking them "Have you guys done" as the last shooter gets up, this usually speeds them off the peg before they all have chance to critic their various shots. If this doesn't work then politely tell a marshal that they are causing a hold up & they will keep an eye on them.

As shooters, please try to vacate the lane you have just shot immediately so as not to cause any holdups & please don't spend 5mins discussing your last shots before moving to the next lane.
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