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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Jeez...are we all that keen to be doing something other than standing on a wood relaxing with our shooting buddies?

Sure it can be a bit of a bother standing around waiting for a cease fire to end or for the next peg to get free but anybody who didn't shoot at the BAGS UKAHFT round a few years back doesn't know what a slow round is!

I suspect people who are complaining excessively are smokers who don't enjoy the heat...
I don't smoke but standing in a hot mosquito infested wood for 4 1/4 hours was starting to test my patience. My knees aren't too good, it gets tiring. I make it an average of about 14 minutes per peg. Even with an average of 4 people per peg, it should only take 10 minutes, so where did the remaining 4 minutes go?

There were a good number of stoppages, I particularly like this one: "I hit the target dead center and it didn't fall down, but then when I touched the string it dropped instantly" -the marshall prodded the target, it went down sweet as a nut. Said person went on asserting his position, 2 points were awarded! Then the rest of that group made the same complaint!! With this kind of marshalling, It's surprising more don't complain.

Another thing I noteiced was that certain groups had a tendency to hang around the peg after completing their shoot. Sometimes they were just chatting amongst themselves. With their ground mat left at the peg, the next group can't start.

I made this comment in another thread; maybe the marshalls can speed things up by allowing groups to skip pegs. A number of pegs ahead were free, yet we all had to wait in line for the current peg. This IMO is the biggest improvement that can be made with very minor changes to the current rules/marhalling practices.
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