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I voted 220 because, as has been stated, it would a damn shame if you were 181 and didn't get to shoot.

I think Bisley was slow for a number of reasons, although in session 1, my group barely had to wait more than a minute or two, so we were lucky and were able to keep our rhythm going.

Shooters coming in from session 2 told me they had to wait 10-20 mins (or what felt like it) on some pegs. This is clearly unacceptable. I heard people saying if they had to shoot session 2 again, then they wouldn't shoot, but I'm sure they calmed down after a cool drink and an ice cream

I can only speak from my own experience. I normally take around 15 seconds to take my shot, maybe 30 if it is windy. At Bisley, me and my group must have taken a full 2 minutes on a number of pegs because of difficulty in finding the targets. I've got a decent scope but it was really hard at times and has been rightly said before, it is not an eyesight test, it is a shooting comp. When it is hot, sticky and you're under pressure, rangefinding in a heat haze can also be a nightmare, which slows things down.

I think it was just one of those things, but the UKAHFT format guidance on targets in dark areas was not followed at Bisley, which was the only down side in what was a good and enjoyable course. It wasn't the end of the world but I'm sure that the new rule for the rest of 2010 will help speed things up Well done UKAHFT. Lesson learned and acted upon swiftly.
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