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I'm with Chilli on the target calling, sometimes they need to be called, normally before they've been shot though. The problem is people cheating or trying to, I witnessed someone miss a target completely in the afternoon - He hit a tree, yet he swore blind the yellow moved!

Numbers are fine, but anything that can make it easier to find the targets is a good thing as it'll speed things up. Also I never understans why people don't keep the same order of shooting? I don't know of nayone who doesn't get confused and either forget who's turn it is or messes up the cards order.

Couple of questions though, does the 2 minutes start from the time the mat has been placed at the peg? Could we use stop watches all the time as per the matchplay?

Ultimately responsibilty for delays has to fall to those who were taking too long to take their shot, for whatever reason.
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