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Pete i and a lot of others did'nt understand your reasoning for less shooters in the morning but now having read your post it's bloody obvious innit, the problem was'nt the amount of shooters it was trying to find the targets, a more visible colour would have been nice but then it might have made it a lot easier also, the biggest problem i saw was standing chatting about the target instead of getting on with it and moving on, also what we do on a home shoot is if the next peg is free when two of us have shot we move on to it to save any hold ups, can this not be done at the U.K.s after all it only takes one to score a card, anyway Bisley boys whether or not the targets where easy or hard to find you still put on a great course top marks to all of you and to Pete and everyone else for a great day's to the next one ATB Alan.
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