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I think it was a one off Pete. Shooters were timed in session 2 and it just went to show how long 2 minutes actually is, I should think the average is 30 seconds.

I think the real problem can be groups chatting and discussing the target they've just shot before moving on grouping around the peg, talking each other into how hard it is then trying to remember who goes next. As a marshall it's very hard to time that.

That said, the main bottle neck was caused by one target after the chronograph. I witnessed 2 groups looking for the target before finally deciding it was still down.

It's easy guys the last one to shoot walks straight to the next peg 'cos he's going to shoot next.

I don't think we should reduce the numbers because if the sport is doing well in this current financial climate, let's keep encouraging people to join us.
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