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Default Kibworth Open HFT Rnd3 Results

SOrry for the delay in posting this months results.
Another fantastic day at Kibby on Saturday, thanks again to everyone that continues to give up their freetime to help set up and run these competitions.
It was nice to see some old faces returning to the ground plus a few new ones popping their Kibby HFT Cherries.
On behalf of everyone at Kibby we do hope you enjoyed it and will want to come again
With the sun beating down and just enough breeze to catch you out there was some very varied score cards handed in.
Results below
Name Class Score
Dave Chapman 22 53
Bob Skidmore 22 50
Lloyd Upton 22 47
Greg Hensman Junior 54
Will Ashby Junior 49
Tom Fielder Junior 47
Adam Ward Junior 44
Jack Marshall Junior 38
Luke Kendrick Junior 34
Tom Roper Junior 32
Bradley Pughe Junior 13
Graham Knighton Open 57
Chris Cundey Open 57
Ricky Downing Open 55
Andy Varden Open 55
Ian Houghton Open 55
Andrea Marshall Open 55
Bruce Marshall Open 54
Paul Cunningham Open 54
Steve Chapman Open 53
Andy Conroy Open 52
D Cadman Open 52
Simon Turnbull Open 51
Les Young Open 51
Jamie Chapman Open 50
Greg Hensman Open 50
Jez Ashby Open 49
Ian Gregory Open 49
Bob Farthing Open 48
Andy Wilkinson Open 47
Martin Slane Open 47
Brian Marshall Open 47
Paul Brittain Open 44
Phil Russell Open 43
Richard Moroz Open 43
Paul Spencer Open 42
Mick Goss Snr Open 40
Bernard Harris Open 40
Pete Foreman Open 40
John Sankey Open 37
Keith Norman Open 35
Levi Hawthorne Recoiling 53
Mark Thompson Recoiling 50
Daniel Turner Recoiling 47
Kathy Thompson Recoiling 46
Sarah Prime Recoiling 46
Tom Bates Recoiling 43
Steve Whiting Recoiling 42
Bob Clay Recoiling 40
Will Gabbott Recoiling 40
Craig Kendrick Recoiling 35
Steve Prime Recoiling 35
Chris Jackson Recoiling 34
Andrew Tomkins Recoiling 34
Charlotte Tomkins Recoiling 29
Jon Roper Recoiling 29
Dave Pughe Recoiling 12
Anne Russell Freestyle 53
Telford Redden Freestyle 42
Gary Brown Freestyle 38
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