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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Seemed harder this year not many gimmees less than 40 yards
True, think Steve said the same. I thought the wind was trickier than last year but then I lost a load to that last year so... But the heat, made it tough, and your right, there were a few "gimmies" but not many, and I think many lanes had me either thinking 'hmm' or hoping I didn't miss something 30-40yds. I saw 3 paddles wobble on the bank, and 2-3 bounce off one edge or another in the garden... which really didn't tell me any thing because I never saw if they were shy or going all the way across. In the end I lost my rag on a 40+ and gave it a shed, and it fell... had the 50+ lined up along side, with good certainty she would fall, and the stock slipped off my knee... that's when the expletives started

It wasn't as if you could say what to do on each target, go shy or give it a shed load... i think I burnt most of my time just moving around from way out left, edge, centre, edge out, right back in centre, just waiting for the wind to make up it's mind for more than a second... even when it did blow from one direction, it fluctuated...

Liked the mini kills as well. All in all a tough but fair course, just made a tricky sod by that Sywell breeze... 5 shoots i've done there now I think... never changes...
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