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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
The situation where one slow group results in a traffic jam is not good IMO. Rather like one on the M3 east bound in that evening.

I was in one of these waiting groups, looking at two of the following pegs completely clear. Perhaps it would be good if the marshalls moved people forward, to re-visit the skipped hole later on.
That's exactly what happened with us in the end but unfortunately not until after about 45 minutes of just waiting around (over 5 or 6 pegs).
We started on peg 28 and by the time we got to peg1, four groups were waiting then a few lanes later shooters had to pass through the crono and when you came out of the other end a big crowd of shooters were just standing around waiting.
When the boredom sets in it takes a lot to get back into the right mind set.I usually would have just passed the time having a quiet ciggy but Bisley officials had with the dry conditions and the fact that they already had one fire rightly imposed a smoking ban in the woodswhich is probably why I have no finger nails left this morning
In all fairness though the marshals did realize that it was becoming a problem and did everything they could to sort out the situation as soon as possible and things slowly got going again
It made for a looooong day but still very least it wasn't raining


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