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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
well done rob it woz good shooting round with you,ive got a burnt head and ears ouch,wot a lovely day and very werd wind,rob you hav tort me the word for the day cock,when we both missed the same stander roll on gp3
Lol... yep... usual stops me f'ing and blinding, but I think i was losing it at the end cos a couple slipped out, especially when that gun slipped off my knee...

Wierd wind is what Sywell is renowned for... never seen it any different.

Nice shooting with you.

Good day, bloody tough conditions, but it's not every day you get to squeeze two GP's in a single day.

Nice work from Andras... Jonny was only a lane or so down, so knew about his score, but did wonder what Andras had pulled out of the bag... Shame you lost that last one James... it got me when we started there, if not the one along side did... I reckon there wasn't much left in my tank for a shoot-off though!

Did the countback start from Target 1 or the first target the shooter shot?
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