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Originally Posted by Flannelmeister View Post
When I bought my Pro Target it was leaking through the little hole in the reg so I stripped it down to action and reg (cos I couldn't get the reg unscrewed!) and sent it off to air arms.

They completely stripped and rebuilt and set the reg using harder seals and it has been perfect ever since.

This was about a year ago but they only charged 42 and that included sending it back by courier. I sent it on a Friday and it was all done by the following Tuesday.

They designed and built it and they don't charge a fortune to service it.

Why bother sending it anywhere else?
That is good value really. Its empty of air now but does the cylinder just unscrew from the reg? Mine is a little stubborn The thing is it is probably a very simple fix, just o'rings as was otherwise performing faultlessly, (well...ish), before the leak. I guess its down to what I can presently afford and whether I believe someone can set it up different and better than air arms and take the trouble to test it for a good time. There's the guy in scotland who did Dorians, think its 75 including return post for a full rebuild, replace all springs and everything, set the reg up and test for a week before returning it. That would be better value than a full service from Air arms, but i'm not sure it needs it at the moment.
Simon how was your PT performing before the leak did you find power a bit wayward , as I have noticed fluctuations in mine over time also I have only been filling to 180 bar where as before I would give it 200 bar with confidence. How have you found it on return? Do they re-set the reg pressure as well?
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