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Originally Posted by Flannelmeister View Post
When I bought my Pro Target it was leaking through the little hole in the reg so I stripped it down to action and reg (cos I couldn't get the reg unscrewed!) and sent it off to air arms.

They completely stripped and rebuilt and set the reg using harder seals and it has been perfect ever since.

This was about a year ago but they only charged 42 and that included sending it back by courier. I sent it on a Friday and it was all done by the following Tuesday.

They designed and built it and they don't charge a fortune to service it.

Why bother sending it anywhere else?
Can they fit AT to it? If they can...

Seriously though, I guess people like to have their services done by people who are enthusiasts as well as skilled engineers. I'm not knocking the engineers at AA or any other manufacturer but I guess if you do ten services every week as opposed to a hundred then it's possible you'll take more time and care over the job.

It's also possible (and again I don't know this to be true, it's just speculation) that someone like Dave will have a broader and deeper experience of airgun engineering than a service engineer working for a manufacturer and so is more likely to spot potential problems and therefore do a more comprehensive job.
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