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Originally Posted by raisedbybrocks View Post
Hello all, whilst doing a bit of pellet testing with the PT earlier, it appears to have sprung a leak Well i've been expecting it to happen at some point really I ran low on air and it cracked the valve, I cocked it but could still hear a feint hiss from the reg. I put about 130bar in to se if it would help, still leaking from the reg hole.
Its a very accurate gun and i intend to give it allot more use. So would like to get it sorted. I think the last service was done by John Ostler, does anyone have contact details for him?
I know i can send it to air arms, but what would PT owners recommend. I've been toying with the idea of having a Welham reg fitted. I don't really need it for the summer so time isn't an issue. Any advice?
I've heard that Dave at Staffs Custom Air Rifles is a good 'un.

Obviously there's Hydrographics and I've heard good things about them too but also some not so good things. Then again it's a rare shop that has nothing bad (true or otherwise) said about them.
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