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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
their is lad who does them martin he shoots a walther,or pm me about mozzies and i can tell you who has a good batch,these r the batches of mozzies which r good/0500/08-0520/09-780/08,you will be lucky to get 0500/08 but i no were to get the other batches from etc giv me a pm simon,hav u ran out of your homing pellets lol
Thanks, from reading different threads it appears that Express are generally better quality than Mozzies.
Don't really know why I'm going off 8.44gr Exacts, suppose I'm hoping for a flatter trajectory. I've had a couple of tins of Mozzies that were included in a gun deal a couple of years ago, have tried them in several rifles (Daystates) with poor results, but last week spent a couple of hours putting them through a Steyr 110 giving decent groups, wasn't too sure of aim points, but next day scored a 56 in an HFT comp. though I had previously cleared a Southern Hunter round with the heavier pellet, as I said don't really know why I'm changing . Only problem was that the two tins of Mozzies (batch #2620/07) only produced about 80 pellets without damaged skirts that were in the 7.86gr-7.94gr range. So hoping Express, if I can find them, will be more consistent.
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