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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
I dont agree, if you set your gun up right then you reduce any PX error there??? I know what Gary means. I had error on my gun with it because of the cheek piece. Gary has set his gun up in a different manner to me therefore he reduced any possible error where as i have induced and compounded the problem. I think the 10x42 has amazing optics and there are not many , if any that can compete with that scope or the money. I shant knock it for sure, i have not got time to be setting up the scope for my gun at the mo.... the scope i am using is a great little scope...however having used better glass in the past , its a pain using something not as good. Once i get this weekend sorted i will have another look at the 10x42.

I love Hawke scopes, i have loads of other scopes as well but the Hawkes are on most of my guns....its my choice i guess.


Unfortunately Rog he claimed it was Parallax error free.

As to setting up the gun to reduce the error we actually get when shooting...we all do that wherever possible.

Your approach seems strange to me though Rog? If you are getting parallax error causing problems when shooting with the 10x42 on your Platinum & not the SR then surely the 10x42 has more parallax error for the same head position. Also if the optics on the 10x42 are better than the SR why not adjust the stock to reduce this error for the 10x42
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