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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
I was wondering about this new laws-of-nature-defying invention myself!
I dont agree, if you set your gun up right then you reduce any PX error there??? I know what Gary means. I had error on my gun with it because of the cheek piece. Gary has set his gun up in a different manner to me therefore he reduced any possible error where as i have induced and compounded the problem. I think the 10x42 has amazing optics and there are not many , if any that can compete with that scope or the money. I shant knock it for sure, i have not got time to be setting up the scope for my gun at the mo.... the scope i am using is a great little scope...however having used better glass in the past , its a pain using something not as good. Once i get this weekend sorted i will have another look at the 10x42.

I love Hawke scopes, i have loads of other scopes as well but the Hawkes are on most of my guns....its my choice i guess.


I didn't ask for these powers !
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